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Shiva also known as great Adiyogi or the beginning of yoga , a true form of exercise to keep mind and soul peaceful and directional. When life start , it start with various difficulties and roadstump comes and distract us . Our much more big problem is our endless desire and our greed which makes us depressed day by day. Through this our life becomes hateful and end up in occours by us , as we want every luxury in our life.

Adiyogi teaches us, how to get rid of these problems . He teach seven great yogi , 112 ways to get enlightenment. Though this one can reach to his subconscious mind and get deeper and deeper. This teaching brought ultimate peace and give a broad mindset to you. It destroyes your inner mind full of desire and greed and jealousy which is the root cause of all our problems.

Adiyogi a model of true peace and harmony. By accepting him and his path your life is beyond . Your fear of loosing will end and you will enter in world in which you sees things in a broad and greater way.

Thank you.

Mt.Kailash #homeofshiva #om #beautiofnature

Mount Kailash or we can say home of Shiva . One of the most beautiful and popular religious mountain for Hinduism . This beautiful mountain is at the Himalayas were many more popular mountain peak resides . From different parts of world people came to visit and seek blessing. It is restrict to trek on kailash because of religious beliefs , during winter time . A big symbol of OM creates on the mountain called OM Parwat. Very mysterious from outside and inside , many people try to trek to reach at the top of the mountain but never ever anyone succeed. It said that Shiva resides at the top and meditate. The view of the mountain is so beautiful that the experience anyone will remember for their rest of the life.during the visit there are various hindu temples shows the direction toward the mountain. Nature is beauti and beauti is within mt.kailash every year many travels came to worship the mountain , there are many supernatural stories related to the mountain and its peak since no one has trek it at the top. The height of the mount is twice lower that mount everst , many people still now came to trek mt. Everest and they succeed as they pin their national flag on the top and with a photograph as their proof and after they return to base case safely incase if there is no weather change and snowstorm comes. But in mt.kailash is impossible to reach at the top though it is not as much as height of everest.mount kailash is mysterious and will one day find the answer of all the question raised about the great Shiva mountain. Mt kailash is specifically incredible and stant still after ages and ages.

This is a short article on Mt.Kailash , stay blessed Om Namah Shivay.

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Today i have experienced little rain and it is hard to believe that this is monsoon season. Every season has become harsh in india , some part its rain very heavily and some parts rain clouds didnt appear only light thunderstorm occours and thats it. In india summer becomes more and more hot , while in winter it has less cold , only from january till march it has cold but not like the days earlier. Global warming has become a mass issue. During rainy season some parts in india rains very little and some parts the cloud did not appear. Many and many days gone but still no cloud of rain occur. Now only rain occurs when there is a mass of cyclone appear in sea and travel though city.then the rain comes but naturally the rain should always come on rainy season not only when cyclone appers. India is very rich in food and farming. In india farming is very very important source of living and income. Rain plays very important role in it. In india though farming every thing is depended the life of small to large . If rain will not appear on time when the season falls , then the crops will be not fertile , land and plants will not get enough water to regain themselves , land will not become fertile to grow crops and yet when the crops get destroyed , it will automatically effect the farmers life and our life etc. Price will become high but quality will not be good that is also not good for our health.

This short artile is only about how the climate is getting worse day by day and also effect the life of people.

Hope, this year specialy rainy season .. rain appear in hugh and fall heavy so that it might not refect the life of people and people get good food and fresh food to eat and also help farmers to run their family .

Thank you

Om Namah Shivay #devotional #Spiritual

Shiva the God and start of life. The harmony of life , the soul and the creator . Shiva is the start and the end , he is shapeless and formless the energy of the center earth and the vacuum .He is the energy which is neither being created or being destroyed . He was there when there was nothing and also there when there was everything ..he is Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh . The Tridev who are creator , the preserver and the destroyer ..even the great and mighty Lord Hanuman is the incarnation of Shiva , Shiva is formless and the enery and the time cycle the great and beautiful Nattaj. He is the infinity ..Shiva cannot be counted in numbers as he is every where is in the universe , in all living beings such as terrestrial , aquatic. He is the sky and land , the ocean and the mountain. Shiva is the past ,the present and the future

Hindu holy book called Bhagwat Gita and all the vedic literature knowledge are today followed by my scientist and all over the world .Gita who is wrote by the God Shri Krishna who is also a great devote of Shiva. Written the holy book , to help Arjun during Mahabharat.Gita is holy book which helps to deal with todays modern problems and solutions ..Gita is based upon science . All the facts today are discovered in 21st century are already given in Bhagwat Gita which is wrote lakh and lakh years ago..when there was no science , no computer and telescope nothing .. these are some facts about Shiva .

Shiva is being is creation from the beginning. Har Har Mahadev

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